Is Equity Release Right For You?

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Is Equity Release Right For You?

Before considering equity release you should ask yourself the following questions :

Firstly, ‘are you prepared to use the value locked up in your home?’

If the answer is yes, you should also ask yourself, ‘have you considered the alternatives to equity release?’

There are 4 main alternatives..

Having considered the alternatives, the next question is ‘have you gathered sufficient information to enable you to make a decision that you and your family, are happy with?’

Finally, - if you’ve got this far you may well ask yourself –’why didn’t I do this sooner?’

Whilst equity release can provide priceless benefits for many in retirement, it is not suitable for everyone. Is some cases there can be drawbacks which outweigh the benefits. Get impartial advice.

Obtaining impartial advice from a specialist equity release adviser is crucial if you are to make a decision on the right scheme and avoid making a mistake that you may regret for life.

About James Blair

I have been an Independent Financial Adviser since 1987 and I am a FCA qualified Equity Release and Long Term Care adviser. I provide Independent Equity Release Advice and cover the whole of the market.

I work to your priorities. Call me on 01923 254760 if you would like discuss your Equity Release situation.

You can choose either a telephone or in-person meeting, which-ever is convenient for you.

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I am writing to tell you that we are extremely happy with the way in which you have arranged an Equity Release for my mother-in-law. I would imagine that this can be a process fraught with anxiety for older people but in this instance there was no such trauma.

This is entirely due to your gentle and reassuring manner, your patience in answering our many questions and the clarity with which you presented the information we needed. The Equity Release is now complete and we are very happy and relaxed knowing that she can spend the rest of her life in her home. Thank you again.

David S. - Rickmansworth, Herts.

I found the service and advise you gave me a great help. You explained the different options and procedure clearly and kept me informed of all transactions as they happened. I thought your fees were very reasonable and fair. I would be more than happy to recommend your services. P.S The wine was lovely, thank you very much.

Julia G - Oxford

James explained the details clearly and James was readily available to answer any questions. I am happy with the plan James recommended for me

Gillian S - Slough

James made everything clear to understand and was very friendly. James did everything he said he would do.

Ron T - Essex